Synergy Recruitment Versus TES & TIC International School Recruitment

In this blog, we are going to share with you why it’s in your school’s and student’s best interest to recruit new teachers with Synergy Recruitment UK as opposed to any of the other big players out there (TES, TIC etc). We can offer a higher level of personal service, save your institution time as well as money and can offer a faster turnaround from start to finish in terms of recruiting new teachers.  In brief, we are more efficient, cost effective and offer a higher level of client to customer relationship than our competitors in terms of recruiting teachers for international schools. What’s more, as we were all teachers ourselves at one point we can really understand and identify with your and the teachers perspectives. Feel free to read on to find out exactly how we offer a superior service.

  1. Higher Level of Personal Service

Here at Synergy Recruitment we strive to be more transparent, honest and have more effective lines of communication than the average recruitment agency. However, don’t take our word for it, please check out our testimonials, join our LinkedIn or Facebook group to see what others say about us.

Furthermore, for each and every one of our clients, we dedicate at least one recruitment consultant to your case who will strive to understand the exact needs and situation of that particular client. Whether you need 1 teacher for the next academic year or 10 teachers to start within a few weeks, we can assist you. All our recruitment consultants have a diverse experience and we select a consultant who has experience of your particular subject area that you are in need of a teacher. What’s more, due to the fact that all of our recruitment consultants were actually teachers themselves at one stage or another, they can really relate to what the candidate is experiencing and help smooth the overall process for the candidate, ultimately benefitting you and your institution.

2. More Cost Effective Than Other Agencies

The average cost to place an international advert with TES is £1000 (this rages from £879 for their bronze package to £1429 for their gold package, please see the chart below). Whereas with Synergy Recruitment UK, you will only pay a fixed price fee of £699 for an advert that lasts up to 3 months (if necessary), will instantly reach 1000s of suitable candidates and is clearly much more cost effective. Furthermore, we can offer significant discounts for schools that wish to hire at least 5 or 10 teachers at a time.

We also offer a 100% guarantee that if a candidate leaves your organization within 1 month of their own accord or is unsuitable for your organization, we will find a replacement candidate completely free of charge.

3. Honesty, Transparency and Clear Lines of Communication. Trust is Everything!

  • We never charge our teachers any fees.
  • We always offer a flat rate fee and do not charge a percentage of salary, we are very clear and up front about this from the get go.
  • Schools can opt to pay our one off fee in one go or as separate installments
  • We can offer significant discounts for schools who wish to hire more than 5 or 10 teachers (different rates will apply to the number of teachers required)
  • Last but by no means least, by using Synergy Recruitment’s teacher recruitment service we will save you both time, effort and money!

For a friendly yet professional discussion on the recruitment needs of your school or institution please contact: or contact us via our website at

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